Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

A new age take on email marketing built for the modern business. Create email. Choose contact list. Press send. For a lot of businesses, that’s been the extent of email marketing for a long time. It keeps customers informed and occasionally drives a bit of revenue, but that’s the extent of its usefulness. With so many other advancements in reaching online audiences, why does it feel like email marketing is lagging behind?

Email Marketing with a Purpose

Email marketing isn’t the new kid on the block in digital marketing, but its versatility and usefulness has grown exponentially over the past few years. However, this expansion has largely gone unnoticed by many businesses. Segmentation, automation, and other functionalities have made email marketing one of the most powerful channels when it comes to staying in front of customers and leads.

  • Delighting customers and keeping them engaged to generate more revenue
  • Segmenting lists to spend specific offers and information to targeted audiences
  • Automating email campaigns that nurture users towards an end goal

Email Newsletters

Tried and true. Email newsletters are a staple for businesses when it comes to staying in front of customers and potential clients with company updates, events, and more. Leveraging a CRM like HubSpot, newsletters can take a more dynamic format and send specific information to specific users in your database. This allows companies to tailor weekly, monthly, or quarterly messaging based on the individual subscriber who is receiving the email.

Targeted Email Campaigns

Targeted email campaigns are typically one-off sends that only deliver to a specific segment of subscribers that have been isolated based on certain criteria (e.g. industry, purchase history, etc.). The emails sent to these segmented subscribers include a highly relevant or completely custom offer aimed at getting recipients to take a specific action. These actions come in many forms, including: event signups, consultation requests, purchases, and more.

Automated Email Drip Campaigns

Automation has made email marketing incredibly dynamic as companies can now set up a series of emails to deliver to users based on set times or specific actions. The concept is fairly simple in that you’re delivering relevant content to users at the ideal time.