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Some Agents can not wait the time that it takes to achieve Organic (free) rankings on the search engines from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your real estate business needs IMMEDIATE traffic from the search engines, PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic is the answer.

Pay Per Click: Sponsored Results in the Search Engines have numerous benefits:

  • Rankings are instantaneous – as soon as you bid your website shows up immediately in the Sponsored Results
  • If you bid high enough, you are GUARANTEED top search results
  • Your website can show up in the search results for literally THOUSANDS of search terms (keywords)
  • In certain industries, it is completely possible to dominate and control search results over thousands of keywords on a very small budget
  • Over time you can predict almost the exact amount of traffic that your website will receive on a daily basis – and how many sales or leads you will receive
  • You control the hours and days when your website will receive traffic
  • If you want more traffic on certain days and times, you simply bid more
  • If you want less traffic on certain days and times, you simply bid less
  • Easily track your ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Easily track which keyword clicks produce the most sales and leads

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns show your real estate website’s advertisement in the “Sponsored Results” section of each individual search result page for keywords that you bid upon.

Here is how it works: for each keyword where you would like your website advertisement to appear, you “bid” a certain amount of money for every potential client that search engine directs to your site. So every time a potential client clicks on the link for your webpage on the search engine paid results, you are charged the amount of money that you bid with the search engine for that particular keyword. Bids can range from just pennies to several dollars per visitor click. The higher amount of money that you bid, the higher in the Sponsored Search results your website appears.

Sounds easy right? While it does appear to be simple in nature, PPC can also be completely unforgiving and complex when put into actual practice. Pay Per Click can end up being very expensive if you are not bidding on the correct keywords, at the correct amounts, with appropriate limits in place that dictate how much you spend.

Pay Per Click management can be considered a science – or an art form if you will. Every keyword that you bids upon must be thoroughly tested and adjusted when necessary. Each of the keywords that you are bidding upon must be watched CONSTANTLY to ensure that the maximum possible ROI (Return On Investment) is being had for your real estate business. The real beauty of Pay Per Click management by WebView Internet Consulting is the ability of our PPC experts to determine a massive list of keywords that can be bid upon very cheaply. Very often your competitors won’t even be aware of these traffic producing keywords. These hidden gems provide the maximum possible ROI for your marketing efforts! There is no such thing as overnight success with the search engines. However, PPC if managed correctly can have you seeing results in a matter of days.

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