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At its most basic level, Link Building and SEO are one and the same. You simply can not rank high for your most competitive keywords without links – and lots of them!

What is Link Building?  Quite simply, link building is the development of links on other websites pointing to your website.

The key to having your website dominate the Google rankings is professional and consistent link building .

Each month you are buying our time to search out and build quality links on your sites behalf. We do not engage in any sort of link trades, reciprocal linking or three-way linking schemes. The techniques we employ are all Google friendly. Each month you could expect 250-500 new links pointing to your website. With Google, links equal rankings – the more quality links you have pointing to your site, the higher you rank for your selected keywords.

Over time there is absolutely no reason your website couldn’t dominate every keyword to your industry. Our goal is to put you so far ahead of your competition in the number and quality of links you have, that your competitors would never be able to catch up to you for any Google ranking.

Our clients are not required to sign any sort of contract obligating them to use our services for an extended period of time. That is not the way we work. We have enough confidence in our ability to increase your Google rankings that we do not feel the need to try and “rope” you into a long term commitment. We know that if we deliver you top rankings in Google, you will be more than happy to continue using our services on a continual basis.

What would a top ranking on Google mean to your real estate company?

  • More income
  • Increased sales and leads
  • Authority status in your industry
  • Brand recognition
  • Online dominance over your competitors
  • Prestige for you and/or your company

There is no such thing as overnight success with the search engines. Dominating search engine rankings take time to achieve. There is no quick way to achieve high rankings. Any company who promises different is lying. Top rankings take time, patience and skill to achieve. In spite of this, the potential payoffs from top search engine rankings are tremendous. Put the experience our Search Engine Optimizers have behind them to work for you and let’s start dominating your competition together.

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