Seller Lead Generation (PPC) – Case Study

Campaign Goal: Capture as many targeted home seller leads in a VERY narrowly defined central Florida area. Use the home addresses captured to send those leads a very professionally crafted 30 page fully colored marketing proposal with spiral fasteners and laminated covers.

Campaign Dates: 02/13/14 to 04/3/14 (50 days)

Total Campaign Cost: $339.59

Total Clicks: 377

Cost Per Click: $0.90

Total Leads: 150

Cost per Lead:  $2.26

Summary: The landing page,, consisted of a 2 step lead capturing process. The first step is for the visitor to insert their home address and submit. The address is automatically captured and forwarded to the agent once it is submited. In this case study, the agent captured over 150 verified addresses in a 50 day period. The second step in the lead capturing process involved a simple form designed to generate contact information as well as property information. Over 30% of the individuals that successfully completed the first step also completed the second step and provided their direct contact information. 

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