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How Google defines SEO

Matt Cutts of Google on how he defines SEO and his answer to the question, “Does Google Consider SEO to be spam?”:

“Essentially it just means trying to make sure your pages are well-represented within the search engines. And there’s plenty…an enormous amount of white-hat, great quality stuff you can do as a search engine optimizer.”

Matt went on to say, “But our goal is to make sure we return the best possible search results we can. And a very wonderful way that search engine optimizers can help is by cooperating and trying to help search engines find pages better. So SEO is not spam. SEO can be enormously useful.”

Here is the entire video where Matt answers the question, “Does Google consider SEO to be spam?“

Search Engine Friendly Sites

If you have ever tried to promote your business or product via the Internet, you know the importance of search engines in determining your success. Search engine friendly sites are a must if you wish to make your online presence known. The majority of people searching for products or information online do so via one of the major search engines. In order for someone to locate your business, it has to have a good spot in the rankings. Your website may be professionally designed but if customers cannot locate it, it really does you little good. Past studies have shown that people searching for information online rarely look past the third page of results. This is why search engine optimization is so important.

One important tip to remember when designing search engine friendly sites is that you need to concentrate on each individual page. Companies such as Google will not rate your website as a whole, but instead will rank each individual page. This is valuable information to remember when writing your content. Although there is no set limit for the number of words per page, most SEO experts recommend that you include at least four-hundred words per page in order to receive good search engine recognition. Any amount written beyond this is generally fine but you want to make sure you have at least enough text to fill a good portion of the page. Websites that contain little content and a great deal of advertising are generally frowned upon.

Another relevant factor of search engine friendly sites is the content itself. Although obtaining a good ranking is important, your content should be well written and make sense to the visitors who will read it. Don’t concentrate solely on stuffing the right mix of keywords into your article. It is just as important that your content sounds natural and flows easily. A good trick for writing online content is to break the article up into smaller paragraphs. This is much easier for online readers to absorb. Also, be sure to include proper headings so visitors can easily locate whatever information they are looking for. The use of bullets will make lists stand out and catch the reader’s eye. Writing content for online purposes is much different than writing a novel or newspaper article. Try to break the content down into small bits for easier reading.

Incoming, outgoing, and reciprocal links can all help in achieving search engine friendly sites. Although content is very important, you will also receive credit for the number of links to your site. A high number of incoming links is extremely helpful to your rating. A good way to improve your link numbers is through the use of reciprocal linking. First you will need to include links from your site to other websites that are either related to or in some way compliment your business. Be sure to choose sites that are of high quality and well written. After including a link to your chosen site, you then send an email or letter to the site owner asking them if they would consider including a link in return back to your site. This technique known as reciprocal linking provides advertising for both websites and improves the link rating of each site too. When trying to increase the number of links to your website, you should keep in mind that this will take a great deal of time and effort. You can not expect to get dozens of new links from quality websites within a week’s time. Most business owners are very selective in which sites they choose to link to. Give them plenty of time to consider your website before making a decision.

Lastly, when designing search engine friendly sites there are certain practices you definitely will want to avoid. While keywords are important, you do not want to include them too often. Be sure to check your keyword density to make sure it is within an acceptable range. The search engines will also penalize your site if you include hidden text in an attempt to boost your ratings. When choosing a title and description for each page, make sure it is actually relevant to the content on your site. For example, if you have a website that sells weight loss products, it is considered inappropriate to include meta keywords related to gambling. Make sure you honestly describe your business and the products you offer. By doing so you will not mislead customers looking for information unrelated to what your site offers. Honestly is the best policy when promoting your website. Not only will it make your business look more professional but it can also help to gain a customer’s trust.

Backlinks, Anyone?

In order to increase your search engine rankings, getting backlinks is important. But getting links from other sites can be tough. Here are 2 creative ways you can try to get more backlinks.

Start a Community of Websites
One of the easiest ways to gain backlinks is to start other websites and have them linked to yours. Blogs are a great way to get traffic because there’s no cost, they provide free traffic, and are easily searchable throughout the blogging community. I’ve seen other various websites that target a younger audience even using myspace as a source of traffic and backlinks. And the list goes on and on for other quick sites you can start with a good amount of traffic.

Email Campaigns
Some people are hesitant to do this because they think no one would ever go to their site if the email even gets opened, or they have no idea who to email a promotion letter to. While the person who doesn’t have an idea of his audience can easily fix this problem, I’d say for every website that has updated content that isn’t gibberish, somebody has to like it and for every email sent out, there is probably at least 10% that the email gets opened if you target your audience precisely. Give yourself some confidence, and keep in mind that none of these techniques would get your website blacklisted or has any risk to it, except for wasting your time. But if you have the time to waste, research on who your audience is, get a list of emails of your audience and compile it in an excel sheet, and start your email campaigns.

Unless you don’t have a good amount of time to spend on getting backlinks, I wouldn’t worry about how well your methods are working. Most of the techniques listed above as well as others you might think of should give you some increase in traffic that would last a very long time, as well as boosting your search engine rankings. These things suck up a lot of time, but the rewards can be high.

SEO Services: Good or Bad!

The search engines play a major part in online marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) services are provided by marketing companies to help you gain targeted traffic through Google, Yahoo!, BING, and other major or minor search engines. But are SEO services good or bad for your business? Should you use a marketing company’s SEO services or try to “woo” the search engines into picking you as a leader and an authoritative company all on your own? Here are some things to consider.

SEO Services can be Valuable

Unfortunately as a business owner, you usually are torn between two important aspects of your business – promotion and operation. You’ve probably heard this phrase many times… “You are too busy working in your business to work on your business.” This statement still holds true with Internet business. Whether you are offering services to a small group of clients, have a giant corporation, or own an online retail store, you face the same dilemma.

Using another company’s SEO services can benefit you in several ways. One, it frees your time for other important matters. Two, you are able to receive help from someone who spends all their time analyzing and testing the search engines for results. They already know what it could take you years to learn! Three, you can save time and money for other types of promotions if you’re not spending all your time trying to race your competitors to the top of the listings.

Things to Look for in SEO Services and an SEO Firm

SEO services can include many different types of services such as keyword density help for all your web pages, search engine submission, search engine optimization to target certain areas of the world or your country or state, and/or content writing services. For example, the company may offer Boise, Idaho search engine optimization if your market generally lives in Boise, ID. They might write keyword-rich articles for you or provide you with a steady list of new keywords you can add to your site pages to make your site more search engine friendly.

Choose an SEO service that provides the most value for your money. Be sure they have experience in SEO rankings and can provide you with a valid list of company references that you can contact if needed. Check with the Better Business Bureau online to be sure the company doesn’t have excessive customer complaints.

Also, choose a company that offers proof that their system has worked in the past. There are no guarantees that any system will work every time, but having proof of past successes will give you peace of mind that the company really knows its stuff. Talk with the SEO consultant to find out how they plan to improve your search engine rankings ahead of time. Ask them to explain the process to you.

Beware of Scams

If an SEO company makes amazing promises such as those promising to get your site listed at the top of Google under your major keyword within 30 days for only $19.95, this should be a red flag. This promise is unrealistic, especially if your business is brand new. Also, the company cannot actually “guarantee” a top listing. They can only guarantee that your site will get listed under some of your major keywords. You might attract traffic under hundreds of keywords after using legitimate SEO services.

The one thing to remember about SEO services is that it must be an ongoing process. Don’t expect any SEO firm to work miracles overnight. They must analyze your business, study your market, find suitable keywords for your business, and begin a series of changes to optimize your site for the best possible results.

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